Who Am I And Why Did I Start This Blog?

Hi, my names Timothy, but everyone calls me Tim. I’m currently writing this as a 21 year old university student, studying business management and entrepreneurship at Lancaster university. I’m on my placement year at the moment living in Ambleside, surprise surprise working in a craft beer shop and brewery. I finish in July and plan on going back to uni to finish my final year. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, climbing, cars and bikes. But the majority of my time is taken up by writing about, studying and working with beer. It hasn’t just become a passion its become as disease …. IPA flows through my blood. I’m just Joking but you get the picture.

I started this because I have developed an immense passion for Beer. From the larger scale ‘craft’ sector to the back of the garage home brewer who sells it on the side. Beer isn’t just something people use to get drunk. It is something with thousands of years of history, it has been used for medical treatments, peace talks and has been taken on some of the greatest adventures known to mankind. Beer isn’t just something, it’s a part of our history and its something I want to be a part of. I admittingly only got into craft beer in the past 18 months, all of which I blame on my parents and my current boss (I am constantly broke now). But in that short time I have developed in increasingly varied pallet and an intense need to develop my knowledge and understanding of the industry. I have come to believe in one core belief because of my experiences and it is one I would like to share with everyone. Don’t drink quantity, DRINK QUALITY. Drink craft because it supports thousands of passionate, independent entreprneuers who are doing something they love. Something I truly believe in and am looking forward to expressing over the following months on this blog.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, with my first official beer related post. Enjoy and be sure to watch out for my antics on Youtube.

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